How to create a coffee care package for your university student

How to create a coffee care package for your university student

If your child is away at college, you know how important it is to send them reminders of home to help ease their transition into university life. One foolproof way to put a smile on their face is with a carefully curated coffee care package. As any student will tell you, caffeine is the fuel that powers late-night study sessions, early morning classes, and every paper, exam, and project in between.

A thoughtful coffee care package lets your student know you're thinking of them while providing an energising pick-me-up during those inevitable bouts of fatigue, stress, and assignment overload. More than just delivering a jolt of energy, a premium selection of coffee and accompanying treats can bring a little luxury to your student's dorm room routine.

From selecting the perfect roast to compiling cosy extras like homemade baked goods, this guide will help you assemble a gift that's bound to be their favourite care package yet. Let's brew up some love by putting together the ultimate coffee care package!

4 essentials for the university coffee package (pssst…. Wait for the bonus tip)

Coffee Essentials

Coffee Beans - Go for specialty-grade 100% arabica beans from renowned growing regions like Colombia, Kenya, Guatemala, Sumatra and more. Small-batch roasters often have the most unique and freshest selections. Consider a few different roasts - a bright, fruity light roast for studying, a rich medium for everyday sipping, and a bold dark roast for an intense kick.

Coffee Pods - In addition to classic flavours, look for unique seasonal or limited edition varieties like Pumpkin Spice, Toasted Hazelnut, Cinnamon Dolce or Blueberry Crisp. Compatible reusable pod filters let them use their own freshly ground beans.

Instant Coffee - Premium instants like Stok, Cafe Direct or Clipper use a gentle freeze-drying process to retain more flavour than typical spray dried instant coffees. Single-serve pouches or portable packs are perfect for backpacks.

Coffee Gear

Travel Mug - Opt for double-walled vacuum insulation to lock in temperatures for hours. Look for leak proof lids, slip-resistant bottoms and a wide mouth for adding extras like milk and sugar. Fun colours or prints make it easy to claim at shared dorm kitchens.

French Press - An insulated stainless steel french press lets them brew a rich, full-bodied cup. For convenience, look for presses with measurement lines on the beaker.

Pour Over - Sleek pour over systems like Chemex or Hario V60 produce a delicate, tea-like cup. The cone shape allows for a precise, hands-on brewing experience.

Mug - Along with fun designs, get them a big 14-16 oz capacity "beast" mug to fuel those epic study sessions. Look for ones with prompts, puns or jokes printed on them.

Extras & Treats

Coffee Snacks - Locally-made treats like biscotti, rugelach or cranberry orange bread travel well. Or look for unique nationally-available indulgences like glazed coffee donuts or dark chocolate espresso beans.

Chocolate treats - Assemble a coffee "flight" of different chocolate bars like milk chocolate cafe mocha, bittersweet chocolate cashew toffee and white chocolate caramel macadamia.

Stress Relief - A whimsical coffee/tea infuser (like animals, mermaids or emojis) adds fun to brew herbal tea breaks. Or a zen colouring book and coloured pencils provide a relaxing, unplugged activity.

Personalising & Decorations

Print out embarrassing kid pics or cheesy puns onto sticker labels to adorn their travel mug or coffee cans. Use a coffee-scented candle or air freshener to line the box. Add tasselled bookmarks featuring coffee quotes or words of wisdom. Get really creative by filling the box with crinkle-cut coffee filter filler paper!

With a thoughtful array of high-quality beans, brewing gear and fun accessories all bundled into one caffeinated care package, you're sure to give your hard-working student an energising pick-me-up straight from home!

Bonus Tip: Include a Coffee Subscription!

For the ultimate coffee lover's treat, consider enrolling your student in a coffee subscription service that will deliver fresh, specialty coffee beans or grounds right to their dorm room door. This ensures they always have access to a rotating selection of high-quality, unique coffee offerings from top roasters across the country or even the world.

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