Top Coffee consumption by country

Top Coffee consumption by country

Coffee, the elixir of life for millions around the globe. From the bustling cafes of Europe to the vibrant street stalls of Asia, this aromatic brew has captivated taste buds and fueled productivity for centuries. Every day, more than 2.25 billion cups of coffee are enjoyed worldwide, with the majority of people citing their love for its taste as the primary reason for indulging. Specifically, 83% of coffee drinkers choose their brew for its flavour. The sheer statistics is enough to indicate the popularity of coffee across the world, however there are some countries who have ranked in the top 10 list of the countries who consume the most coffee. Prepare to be surprised, enlightened, and perhaps a tad envious of those who truly embrace the coffee-drinking lifestyle. Let's dive in and discover the top coffee-guzzling nations that put the "haute" in haute coffee culture.

1. Finland — 12 kg/26 lbs consumption per year

In the land of the midnight sun, coffee reigns supreme as the fuel that keeps Finns going through long, dark winters and round-the-clock workdays. This Nordic nation's love affair with coffee is deeply ingrained in its culture, with the average Finn consuming nearly four cups daily. Coffee breaks are not just a luxury but a legal requirement, with two 10-minute coffee breaks mandated for Finnish workers. This commitment to coffee reflects the Finnish values of work-life balance and social cohesion, as these breaks provide opportunities for colleagues to bond over steaming mugs of rich, aromatic brews.

2. Norway — 9.9 kg/22 lbs consumption per year

Norwegians' affinity for coffee can be traced back to their Viking ancestors, who are said to have discovered the invigorating effects of coffee beans during their exploratory voyages. Today, Norwegians consume more than three cups of coffee daily, making it an integral part of their culture and social fabric. Coffee houses in Norway are primarily gathering places for socialising and fostering connections, rather than the grab-and-go coffee culture prevalent in other parts of the world. This emphasis on community and togetherness is deeply woven into Norway's coffee traditions.

3. Iceland — 9 kg/20 lbs consumption per year 

In Iceland, where beer was once outlawed and wine remains costly, coffee has long been the nation's beverage of choice for social gatherings. Icelanders take their coffee rituals seriously, with the customary offering of a cup to any visitor, and the stock reply "tíu dropar" (ten drops) indicating a preference for a small, potent serving. Coffee is more than just a drink in Iceland; it's a symbol of hospitality and a means of fostering connections in a country known for its rugged landscapes and tight-knit communities.

4. Denmark — 8.7 kg/19 lbs consumption per year

For the Danes, coffee is a celebration of hygge, the cosy and convivial atmosphere that permeates their culture. The word "kaffeslabberas" encapsulates the informal social gatherings where coffee and cake are shared, often after dinner. At Danish weddings, guests are explicitly invited for the "bryllupskaffe" or wedding coffee reception, underscoring the significance of coffee in marking life's milestones. This deep-rooted tradition reflects the Danish appreciation for simple pleasures and the art of savouring moments with loved ones over a warm beverage.

5. Netherlands — 8.4 kg/19 lbs consumption per year

The Dutch played a pivotal role in introducing coffee to the Western world, with merchants shipping entire coffee plants from Yemen to India and Indonesia, where they established plantations to supply beans to Europe. This historical connection has fostered a lasting appreciation for coffee in the Netherlands, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafts through cosy cafes and bustling city streets. The Dutch coffee culture is a testament to the nation's rich maritime heritage and its enduring love for quality coffee.

6. Sweden — 8.2 kg/18 lbs consumption per year

In Sweden, the concept of "fika" is more than just a coffee break – it's a cherished tradition that encompasses taking a pause from work to socialise with friends over coffee and pastries. Swedes spend an average of 9.5 days per year indulging in these "fikarast" moments, reflecting their commitment to work-life balance and the importance they place on nurturing social connections. Coffee is not merely a beverage in Sweden; it's a catalyst for fostering a sense of community and well-being.

7. Switzerland — 7.9 kg/17 lbs consumption per year

The Swiss have elevated coffee to an art form, combining their love for coffee with their renowned expertise in gastronomy. The creation of the "Luzerner Kafi," a unique blend of red wine, coffee, sugar, and spices, showcases the Swiss penchant for innovation and their ability to seamlessly blend different flavours. Additionally, Switzerland gave birth to Nespresso, one of the world's most popular coffee brands, further cementing its status as a global coffee powerhouse. For the Swiss, coffee is a celebration of craftsmanship, flavour, and sophistication.

8. Belgium — 6.8 kg/15 lbs consumption per year

In the historic cities of Brussels and Antwerp, coffee houses abound, each offering its own unique spin on the beloved beverage. From elegant establishments with white linen tablecloths to cosy, stand-up coffee bars, Belgians have embraced coffee as an integral part of their daily rituals. One noteworthy creation is the "brûlot," an espresso-based drink featuring sugar, cinnamon, cloves, lemon peel, and warm cognac set alight, reflecting the Belgian flair for indulgence and culinary artistry. Coffee in Belgium is more than just a drink; it's a cultural experience that celebrates the nation's rich heritage and love for the finer things in life.

9. Luxembourg — 6.5 kg/14 lbs consumption per year

Despite its small size, Luxembourg packs a punch when it comes to its coffee culture. Thousands of coffee houses dot the country, ranging from elegant houses with white linen tablecloths to intimate, stand-up coffee bars. This abundance of coffee establishments reflects the Luxembourgers' deep appreciation for quality coffee and the social experiences it fosters. Coffee in Luxembourg is a way of life, a ritual that brings people together to savour the rich flavours and engage in lively conversations.

10. Canada — 6.5 kg/14 lbs consumption per year

As the only non-European country in the top ten, Canada's love for coffee is exemplified by the success of Tim Horton's, one of the world's first major coffee chains. Three out of every four cups of coffee sold in Canada come from this iconic brand, a testament to the nation's insatiable thirst for high-quality brews. From the bustling cities to the remote wilderness, Canadians have embraced coffee as a source of warmth, comfort, and energy, making it an integral part of their daily routines and cultural identity.

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